Curriculum Vitae

David John Loveridge

Education and Experience

  • Farrer Memorial Agricultural High School 1963
  • Tamworth, NSW – Intermediate Certificate
  • 1964-1967 Jackaroo with T A Fields Pty Ltd Company properties, ‘Congi’ (Northern NSW) and ‘Hunthawang’ (Western NSW) gaining valuable experience in farming, sheep and cattle as well as land preparation for irrigation and pasture improvement, etc.
  • 1968-1969 General positions around Australia including contract fencing and yard building, ‘Brunette Downs’. Feasibility into the establishment of a copper chrome arsenic salt treatment plant for native timbers in the Northern Territory.
  • 1969-1971 Joined Dalgety Australia as Merchandise Representative in Darwin. Within 12 months appointed to open Katherine Branch, supervising building construction of premises. Managed the Branch very successfully for approximately two years.
  • Early 70’s to late 80’s Appointed representative of Jingellic Minerals N.L in the Northern Territory, responsible for the implementation & management of the pegging of mining lease program surrounding Union Reef , Pine Creek, Mount Wells and other areas Between Darwin & Maranboy.
  • Darwin Community College, NT 1982 Real Estate Practice Course


  • Licensed Business Agent
  • Licensed Real Estate Agent
  • Licensed Auctioneer – Northern Territory

Executive Positions Held

  • Managing Director, Malabar Investments Pty Ltd trading as L.M.P.A. Business Services 1971 – 2023, now trading as: L.M.P.A. Business Services, L.M.P.A. Valuation Services, L.M.P.A. Auctioneering Services
  • Real Estate Industry’s Alternate Member of Agents Licensing Board 1991 – 1994
  • Chairman – Auctioneers Panel, Real Estate Institute of the Northern Territory 1991 – 1995
  • Real Estate & Auctioneers Industry 1992 – 1994 Representative: Review of Auctioneers Act
  • Committee Member – Explorer Land holder 1983
  • Communications Committee, NT Chamber of Mines, Inc. 1983
  • Council Member and Immediate Past 1981 President – Real Estate Institute NT
  • President – Real Estate Institute of the Northern Territory 1980
  • Secretary – Real Estate Institute of the Northern Territory 1979
  • Pastoral Representative – Real Estate Institute NT 1978
  • Memberships: Small Business Association of the Northern Territory. (SINCE DISBANDED)
  • Appointed Commissioner for Oaths 28/6/2019

Fields of Interest

Since the establishment of the company in 1971 a wide range of clients have requested services to meet their particular needs. Of the services provided the following are of particular interest:

Project Marketing

Personalised consultation with clients to discuss, recommend and design a marketing strategy to maximise the returns of the business operation, including plant and equipment and real estate.


Real estate, business, plant and equipment and auction values, current market values, existing use values, replacement values, insurance values, mortgage security values, valuation of assets for family courts, etc.

Purchasing and Sales

Purchasing and selling either by Private Treaty, Tender or by Auction is one of the most enjoyable sections of my business activities.

Auctioneering Services

L.M.P.A. specialises in Business and Mining Company’s assets which may include land or leases, fixed improvements, vehicles, Mining and Construction plant and equipment.


  • Striving on behalf of the client for the best possible price – the intrigue is of great interest.
  • Dispute and Mediation Matters / Special Projects Throughout AUSTRALIA